Alien: Covenant Review

Finally, we have made it to the latest addition to the Alien franchise, Covenant which tells the story of a colony ship responding to a distress signal from an idyllic planet holding a dark dangerous secret. If you’ve just joined us I have been reviewing all of the alien films over the last week or […]

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Prometheus Review

The film takes place in the year 2093 where a group of researchers are on the hunt for the origin of human life when they find a mysterious monument on a distant moon that may hold the key. We’ve finally made it the penultimate alien film in the franchise which begins to answer a question no […]

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Alien: Resurrection Reviews

This doesn’t deserve to be reviewed in all honesty, it’s an abomination. Oh well, here we go… 200 years after Ripley committed the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the Alien’s falling into the hands of the Weyland corporation she is resurrected as a half alien half human hybrid and must continue her battle against the xenomorph scum. […]

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Alien 3 Review

Okay, here we go, I’m trying to be as positive as I possibly can. The third installment in the Alien franchise takes Ripley to a prison planet, where an Alien on her destroyed ship starts wreaking havoc. Also, some moronic writer killed off Newt and Hicks, dammit I tried to be positive it’s just so […]

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Aliens Review

Ellen Ripley after surviving her first run in with the horrific Xenomorphs returns to the perfect holiday destination, LV-426 57 years later to rescue a group of colonists trapped on the planet. This time round Ripley is accompanied by some hardcore marines and a small child, what could possibly go wrong? Comparing Alien to Aliens is […]

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