Hey there, I’m Ciaran Shea and you just found my movie reviewing site. Well done, you clearly have impeccable taste to have chosen such an incredible site for movie reviews, advice, and the occasional slanderous comment. You might be thinking what makes you so different from everybody else, Mr Shea? Firstly I keep things honest, sometimes brutally, so but the simplicity of my reviews ensures that by the end of it you’ll know whether or not you want to pay for the ticket. Secondly, I highlight parts of the film you should look out for and areas where you can happily go to the toilet without missing anything important. Thirdly, I love movies and have pretty much lived and breathed them for the last 5 years and so hopefully, this love is felt through my reviews.

Enough about my reviews, I bet you want to hear a little more about me. Okay well here it goes, I’m British born and raised in the land of Robin Hood, aka Nottingham. Fun fact – Nottingham is the home of Wollaton Hall, known better to you as Wayne Manor from the Dark Knight Rises. I studied Media Studies at school which fueled my already inextinguishable love for movies. I have a very supportive and loving girlfriend who is the source of so many great discussions about movies and gave me the drive to finally share my love for films with you. That’s the boring stuff out of the way, here’s my top 10 favourite films of all time. As a side note, these are not the films I think are the best of all time these are my favourites the ones I enjoy the most. One more thing, this list may shift around a little-

1)Die Hard –


3)Fight Club

4)Shaun Of The Dead –

5)High Fidelity

6)The Graduate


8)Zombieland – Zombies, Bill Murray, Twinkies, what more could you want from a movie? This is the second zombie film on my list, I’m actually not a huge fan of zombie flicks but these two films are fantastic comedies from very different sides of the world. Zombieland has a fantastic cast and some phenomenal humour from the different zombie rules to the running twinkie joke.

9)Good Will Hunting – This film is on my top 10 list because of the heart put into it and the smorgasbord of quality acting on show, Damon, Affleck, and Williams, to name a few. This film is inspiring and should be seen by everyone, another reason you should see it is to hear the best fruit themed line in a movie ever, “How’d you like them apples.”

10)Mad Max 2: Road Warrior – Mad Max burst back onto the scene in 2015 with Fury Road and people went mad for it, now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it but you can’t beat Road Warrior honestly it took the idea Mad Max launched and created an action-packed romp through a deserted wasteland with a slightly comical yet kick ass Mel Gibson, what’s not to love?

Right well, there we go that’s me, let’s crack on and review some movie shall we?!