IT 2017 Review

It’s been a little while folks but I am back after a genuinely terrifying midnight screening of one of the finest Stephen King adaptations, I just had to review it. The bizarre nightmare filled pop culture icon has been brought back to life for another romp through my nightmares. Pennywise the Clown has returned to terrorize the small town of Derry and in particular 7 down on their luck kids, using individuals deepest and darkest nightmares as a basis for these attacks.  Such a simple idea that only Stephen King could create such a horror icon out of. The original 2 part mini-series is an iconic piece of film making due to its absurd content, cheesy special effect and Tim Curry’s transformation into Pennywise. In all honesty, this new incarnation of cinemas scariest clown didn’t really have much to follow in terms of scares but Andrés Muschietti’s film had the challenge of carrying forward King’s heartfelt coming of age story while keeping horror fans happy.

In terms of scares, you will not regret buying your ticket as the film goes from horror set piece to horror set piece terrifying the individual children with their greatest nightmares. This mildly repetitive structure would be extremely dull if it wasn’t for the pure unpredictability of the horror icon in question, Pennywise. The scenes of pure terror take from different successful horror movies but add Pennywise and the view point of a child then Mushietti’s IT quickly raises your heart rate. Andre Muschietti took on quite the challenge for his second blockbuster release, attempting to join the prestigious list of great King based films and with The Dark Tower and Cell bombing in the last year it is long over due. Mushietti has such an interesting and unique approach to visual horror which is so refreshing in the cut and paste world we live in. Pennywise jumps towards the camera a few too many times but this didn’t dawn on me during the film as I was too engrossed by the horror this hellish Clown creates.

I have only recently got into horror and something I find incredibly important while watching is a solid story and relatable characters unless whats the point? A horror film without plot or character is the equivalent of your friend jumping out from behind a bin with a mask on except you have to pay good money to watch it for 90 minutes. 2017’s IT gives modern day horror fans what they want and gives a nice guy like me a heartfelt story to follow. 7 children brought to life by some of today’s most promising talent Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things and Jaeden Lieberher from Midnight Special head up an incredible young cast. Give a strong, young cast characters created by the master mind Stephen King and you have a fine piece of cinema on the cards. Each member of the ‘Losers Club’ gives you just enough back story to enthrall you in their battle against nightmarish clowns and abusive parents. The camaraderie of Stand By Me mixed with horror imagery to keep you up for hours, what a watch. While we are on the topic of the cast I have to mention Bill Skarsgård as the demonic child’s entertainer who put his own twist on a horror legend like no other, making you laugh, cry and clench with terror.

The IT reboot takes you on a bumpy ride through all your childhood fears accompanied by a near perfect cast and if you don’t mind dealing with a few scenes of cliche horror then you’ll have a swell time, just remember that you’ll float too.

I recommend checking out the original if you have never had the horror and pure enjoyment of watching Tim Curry in a clown costume or check out one of the best horror reboots yet on digital download.
It [DVD + Digital Download] [2017]
It [ 1990 ] Uncensored + extra’s – Widescreen


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