A Couple Of Bad Movies

There’s been a real sprinkling of fantastic films recently, like Wonder Woman and Baby Driver but as always Hollywood makes us pay for these great flicks. With the great comes the genuinely terrible, oh look here’s two of those films now. Prepare for some negativity folks.

The Mummy Review-

Universal has resurrected the 1999 hit in hopes of kicking off a shared classic movie monster universe. An otherworldly evil power emerges after the monsters crypt is unceremoniously opened. A couple of weeks ago I confessed my love of Tom Cruise and pretty much assured myself this film would be enjoyable. Tom Cruise tried his best to make it work but sadly not even the most handsome man in the world could pull this monstrosity off (pun intended). The mummy was void of any real originality and it was very quickly clear that Universal was more interested in creating a universe builder launching more monster films than a good blockbuster. There were more references to other Universal monsters than actual plot points. The Mummy brought to life spectacularly by Sofia Boutella was a side plot in a movie called ‘The Mummy’ you can see why this film has issues.

Brendan Fraser summed it up best when he tweeted “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Transformers: The Last Knight-

Once again I find myself eating my words after I posted another article on my blog that turned out completely incorrect. Optimus Prime and his entourage are back to face their biggest threat yet, the same threat as the other 4 films. The Transformers series is pretty much dead after the latest installment failed to deliver, would you like to know why? I am a fan of these films for their incoherent plot and ridiculous action sequences, this balance gives the film it’s guilty pleasure.

Somebody told Michael Bay that the balance was out of whack and that his films needed more incoherent plot and less action. This was a huge mistake, making me sit through 2hrs and 10 minutes worth of plot only slightly saved by 20 minutes worth of mediocre action. The bright side is that the film does introduce one of the transformers biggest foes, Unicron who we will never get to see because there won’t be a sequel! Ah, this film is so frustrating. Transformers: The Last Knight has finally crushed my love of Michael Bay’s ridiculous creations.

Another couple of duds added to the already quite extensive list this summer, both worthy of this Ciaran-o-meter score…


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