Baby Driver Review

After Edgar Wrights run in with Marvel he’s decided to avoid the big studios and go indie creating a modern day heist movie where a getaway driver must complete jobs to get even with his boss while planning to get away from it all with the company of his girlfriend Debora. A heist movie from the man behind the Cornetto trilogy sounds like a dream and boy, it was that and more.

7 films into my most anticipated film list for 2017, Baby Driver is easily the best so far. That’s a nice positive start and if I’m honest I don’t really think were going to get negative. I can’t explain how happy that makes me it’s been a slightly disappointing summer so far and If I am allowed to get personal for a second the last 3 days have been really tough and this film has turned everything around. Wonder Woman and Baby Driver have both been huge highlights so far this summer because they each revolutionise their respective genre. It’s not unheard of for Edgar Wright to turn a genre on its head, watch Shaun Of The Dead if you don’t know what I’m talking about, but Wright truly nailed it this time taking the basic heist film dynamic to places it’s never been before.

The story itself is a basic one but Wright has such an effortlessly fresh approach to all of his filmmaking that this summer is desperate for. Wright’s creation of vibrancy runs through the entire film from the perfectly choreographed car chases to some of the simpler more heartfelt scenes. Wright clearly adores a great car chase creating several within the 1hr 53 minute run time. Every time one of the films perfectly selected songs starts playing with Baby behind the wheel I couldn’t help but get giddy because I knew I was about to see something breathtaking. The lack of CGI really lends itself to the movie gripping you entirely.

Every action scene is matched with a fantastic array of music I can’t get out of my head, the only thing Wright needed to tie this picture together was some great actors. He really did come through, Hamm, Spacey, and Elgort bring a real acting force to this little indie picture capturing everybody’s attention. Sadly most films have a casting mistake, Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver has two, the first being the loud mouthed Jamie Foxx who’s repetitive bad boy shtick quickly turns dismal. The other issue is the cliche performance of Lily James, I don’t think it’s as much her fault I just think Wright didn’t do enough with her. Wright’s previous female love interests have had something to separate themselves from the rest, Ramona Flowers with her hair and uncommon je ne sais quoi, Liz from Shaun Of The Dead had a fantastically brutal cut the crap attitude. Whereas Debora had nothing except a weird taste in music. Something that can be easily overlooked but from Wright I expected a little more in the character department.

In conclusion, Edgar Wright had complete and utter control of this movie creating an absolute pleasure to watch, granted a large portion of the film is style over substance but that’s the beauty of the picture. Wright is back and I really can’t wait to see where he goes next, hmm maybe I should do a post pitching some dream Edgar Wright flicks?

Mouth Wash- It’s hard to pick a mouth wash for a film so game changing if you’ve never seen an Edgar Wright film watch all four of his other pictures, each holding an incredibly enjoyable quality.


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