5 Reasons Why Transformers: The Last Knight Could Be The Biggest Film Of The Summer

Our Lord and saviour Michael Bay is kindly bestowing a 5th Transformers movie upon us, The Last Knight. This film like its predecessors looks ridiculous combining time travel with the legendary characters we already know and love, I for one cannot wait. The unexpected box office smashing franchise based on classic children’s toys is on its 5th chapter with no sign of slowing down. As a movie lover, and amateur critic it is criminal for me to adore these movies but alas I do and I’ll defend them with my dying breath. Here are 5 reasons why I love it and why it could be one of the biggest films this summer. Autobots roll out.


As I mentioned before these films are based on Hasbro toys and the very retro/awesome Transformers animated film from 1986. Seeing beloved characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee up on the big screen in all their live-action glory you can’t help but stare in awe as you’re childish hopes and dreams are magnificently brought to life. This nostalgia rush which in all honesty wears off when you’re brain kicks in that there’s no story or plot of any kind but at that point, it’s too late you’ve bought the ticket, you are trapped watching 2 and a half hours of robot carnage. If you are a genuine fan though like myself there are a lot of nuances really showing Bay’s love of the source material like introducing Grimlock in the last film. The curious question of “what the hell will Bay do next?” keeps you coming back to the cinema for a rush of nostalgia. Don’t think we will see the insecticons in this next film though but give Bay time, they are exactly what the sound like transformers bugs.

Fun For All The Family-

Not always harboring a good message for young audiences *cough* Megan Fox *cough* the Transformer films are still really engaging and entertaining for children. I can’t say I’ve managed to convince my little sister to watch the films yet but I do always see a wealth of youngsters when I sit down for the films. No matter what you think of this franchise it’s still respected as a spectacle the lack of story actually lends itself to parents trying to entertain their kids during the holidays, “here you go, kids, watch these two robots shoot each other while Mark Wahlberg tries to sound Texan” – A* parenting. Oh, and I forgot to mention merchandising, they whack transformers on anything nowadays. Any film franchise with its own aisle in Toys R Us is doing pretty damn well in my opinion. It’s very easy to get a child hooked on a certain franchise, why do you think the minions got their own movie so there’s another reason The Last Knight could definitely break records again, speaking of which…..

The Track Record-

For a film to make a big splash in a jam-packed summer one thing needs to happen, the film needs to make money. Easy right? Not really King Arthur has already failed this summer but Bay isn’t worried about that because his films kill it repeatedly, no seriously, we are suckers for a Transformer movie. Let’s get wonderfully nerdy and I’ll break the numbers down for you. The last 2 Transformer movies have both broken the 1 billion dollar barrier worldwide. Domestically in the US the Transformers franchise has been decreasing since the second film with Age Of Extinction losing over 100 million dollars on Dark Side Of The Moon but the overseas audiences still buy tickets. If the overseas audiences stay true to form we could once again see the Transformers breaking records and ruling summer.

The self-reassurance that the next one will be better-

Hope is a very powerful thing and for any critics who don’t enjoy these films due to their incoherent plot and weak characters Bay has a wonderful way of reeling back in the critics, through his marketing. Bay somehow makes his film look original and groundbreaking through every trailer he creates, in all truth, his films are pretty much made of exactly the same ingredients but that is the genius. Bay still manages to trick the critics into buying a ticket, this original facade he creates combined with the hopeful belief that this sequel can’t be as bad as the last one makes for a rather plump wallet, isn’t that right Michael?

Pure Guilty Pleasure-

The final and possibly most important reason why Transformers 5 could be the biggest film this summer is because Transformers offers up such a childish and wonderous joy which I’ve touched on earlier in this article but I really mean it. It’s hard not to smile when you see a truck beat up an angry digger in the middle of the dessert, it’s utterly ridiculous transporting you from the worries of everyday life entirely. Thank God, for the Transformers franchise, these movies don’t try and be anything there not, you know what you’re going to get with a Bay movie and that is pure guilty pleasure something you can rely on in this ever changing world. Transformers: The Last Knight hits cinemas Thursday.


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