Why Tom Cruise Is The Biggest Movie Star Right Now

Tom Cruise’s latest movie The Mummy hits cinemas later this week so I thought I’d take the opportunity to fill you in on Tom Cruise’s current slate of work and how he has Hollywood in the palm of his hands still after 36 years in the movie making business. An argument can be made that The Rock is the biggest Movie Star at the minute but I disagree entirely as Tom Cruise’s performances are consistent even the below average films are worth a watch, The Rock’s recent selection of films have been slightly hit and miss, Baywatch for example. Tom Cruise has this charisma and presence on screen that instantly grabs your attention I can sit down with my entire family to watch a Tom Cruise movie and I can’t really say that about any other actor at the minute, Cruise somehow suits all tastes. I can only speculate on how he does it, mind control through smiling maybe or some magic amulet he wears but I think the most likely reason for this is because people admire and respect his undying love for the art of film-making, come on the guys been doing it for the best part of 4 decades and still going strong. Cruise continuously reinvents himself going from the pretty boy young actor to the serious Oscar contender to the action star we know and love today.

To younger viewers like my little sister (9) Cruise’s commitment to cinema means nothing yet my sister still loves films like the Mission Impossible series. This just shows how Cruise transcends age bringing everybody to the cinema. My little sister doesn’t believe that Cruise does his own stunts like hanging on to a plane in the latest MI film Rogue Nation because it’s seemingly impossible (pun intended) yet he proves everyone wrong repeatedly blowing peoples minds every summer. That’s another reason his pictures are adored, he is so committed to delivering something different every single film putting his body and life on the line to deliver. I believe this fresh exciting Cruise style of summer blockbuster is the reason you can combine great story for adults and mind blowing action for younger viewers. His latest movie The Mummy is no different featuring a plane crash scene he actually filmed in zero gravity flying a plane 64 times into the zero gravity zone for 30 seconds of film each time. The trust he has with the studios gives us these moments worth paying for every summer. My sister still won’t believe it’s real but oh well Tom keep trying.

You may be thinking Cruise is slowing down now he’s in his early 50’s, you couldn’t be more wrong. Cruise has 5 films in the works one of them, American Made coming out later this year. Cruise is part of 2 different big budget franchises Universal’s Dark Universe and of course Mission Impossible which literally prints money so who knows how long these two franchises will last. I know the Dark Universe hasn’t even started yet but with Tom Cruise on board can you see it failing? As well as these big budget franchises next year Cruise begins production on Top Gun 2 which is going to definitely be one to watch, sequels at least 20 years after their original traditionally don’t work at all but again this film has the magic of Cruise I can’t wait. Cruise isn’t done there he also has a sequel to the surprisingly great Live Die Repeat in the works.

Tom if you fancy a break at any point let us know but if you want to carry on making these breathtaking films I will be more than happy to show up every year and watch in awe. Roll on The Mummy hitting cinemas June 9th.


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