Baywatch Review

“I’ve been waiting years for a big screen adaptation of that weird, campy 90s tv show Baywatch,” said no one ever. But that is what we’ve been served up this bank holiday Monday with The Rock and Zac Efron putting on their speedos and hitting the beach for this comedy, action blockbuster. A new set of lifeguards joins the established crew to investigate a shady businesswoman taking over the beach, sounds simple enough but boy did it have some issues.

The Rock is one hell of an actor guy but sadly films need more than one solid performer for them to work and after Central Intelligence last year which I really didn’t enjoy I was very sceptical going into Baywatch. Despite some average character work across the board, The Rock carries this film on his massively toned shoulders for the best part. Baywatch has some great action wonderfully complemented Johnson’s sheer charisma but a lack of story hits this picture hard. A very cliche and dull story stunts the film’s growth as Baywatch seems to take it’s plot from films like 21 jump street straight away missing the originality this adaptation should have in buckets. On paper, the film should be hilarious but the material knocks the film out at the knees. Don’t get me wrong there are some very funny moments but the writers seemed to run out of jokes 40 minutes in just reusing previous jokes or stretching 1-minute jokes over 5 minutes. Baywatch is exactly what you’d expect, the film is full of vulgar humour and slow motion running, it offers nothing fresh, no excitement, no risk.

These issues can be overcome and enjoyment can be found in this movie but it just wasn’t for me, I need more than a few jokes. I was desperate for a story to sink my teeth into. Luckily the film did bring the action but overall Baywatch just doesn’t work, this is evident by its performance at the US box office where it made just under 28 million dollars of the 40 million dollars Baywatch was predicted to make opening weekend. There’s not a lot more to say about Baywatch it missed the mark which is a pity and at the minute sums up summer so far nothing has blown me away but my fingers are tightly crossed for Wonder Woman.

The Mouthwash for Baywatch has to be a film that had the same challenge of successfully adapting a classic tv show for the big screen but succeeded, 21 Jump Street.


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