Pirates Of The Caribbean Salazar’s Revenge Review

A stale and dull reminder that Disney can make a sequel to anything and still make a shed load of money. Somehow Disney has created 5 films which all originated from an amusement park ride and this is the latest addition to that franchise. Captain Jack Sparrow is on the run from an old enemy cursed after Sparrow’s actions as a young man, the only way to survive this dark new threat is to locate Poseidon’s trident.

This is week 4 of summer and we are yet to have a trailblazer, it feels like all month I’ve been saying “well that was okay but it’s nothing new” and sadly Pirates 5 is no different. Fairly disappointing considering the fact that this film is the final installment of a beloved franchise that really needed to raise the bar after Pirates 4. I shouldn’t be surprised considering the fact, the plot for the latest film rips off its predecessors by featuring a mythical object, like the fountain of youth and an undead army of pirates, much like every Pirates villain. The plot isn’t everything when it comes to big budget blockbusters as the action can still create enjoyment. Sadly the film’s action is similar to that featured in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, it’s disjointed and smushed together to form some sort of narrative, don’t get me wrong the set pieces do look fantastic but seemingly pointless. The films pointless and irritating elements are countered by the pure nostalgia of the Pirates of the Carribean franchise bringing back characters like Barbossa and having Johnny Depp deliver perfectly timed Jack Sparrow comedy.

Sure the film has enjoyable moments but for the amount of money this film will make surely we deserve more effort put into plot and character work, Disney if you haven’t got any ideas for a sequel then don’t make one. This cheap rebranding of the same ideas are starting to grind people’s gears further examples of Disney ripping us off is the narrative tragedy that was Alice Through The Looking Glass and the shot for shot CGI swill that the Beauty and the Beast remake was. I’m pleaing to the people who care about cinema and want Disney to have passion in their live action cinema ventures once more, don’t go see this film. Don’t let Disney think they can get away with another half arsed sequel. The film is fine but you my friend are better than fine.

The big question is how does it stand next to the other films in the franchise?

  1. Curse Of The Black Pearl
  2. Dead Man’s Chest
  3. At World’s End
  4. Salazar’s Revenge
  5. On Stranger Tides

Mouth-wash- If you really want a pirate movie, go back and watch the original Pirates Of The Caribean, it holds up entirely and reminds you when Disney produced worthwhile live action films. If you have seen Pirates 5 and would like to see a worse Pirate movie then Cutthroat Island from 1995 is the one for you.


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