Colossal and Snatched Reviews

Apart from the complete flop that was King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, the women ruled the weekend. With Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer in the leading lady positions, laughs were definitely on the cards but were they for the right reasons? Anyway, let me break it all down for you as we reach the 4th weekend of the summer movie season and take a look at Snatched and Colossal.

While watching Snatched you realise one thing very quickly that Amy Schumer is really annoying. Amy Schumer is playing Amy Schumer which isn’t funny, the laughs come from her supporting cast. Goldie Hawn plays Schumer’s mother who agrees to go on holiday to Ecuador with her newly dumped daughter where they get kidnapped. Hawn comes out of a 15-year retirement for this film and she generates a lot of the laughter showing us she’s still got it. As well as Goldie there are various other secondary characters that produce laughs but when the lead is as enjoyable as a swift kick between the legs you struggle to have a good time. I didn’t expect a lot from Snatched but what I received was less than that, the film’s half-baked plot did nothing for me. I would not recommend it unless you’re a fan of those stupid American comedies.

Colossal- Luckily enough a film came along to brighten my weekend after two dismal trips to the cinema, Colossal made my weekend. Anne Hathaway heads up the second “comedy” of the week about a down on her luck woman who heads home after being dumped by her boyfriend and is somehow connected to monster attacks in Seoul. This film is simply a breath of fresh air, the original idea paired with two very charismatic leads, Hathaway and Sudeikis really makes for quite the show. The CGI monster isn’t over done delivering the perfect sliver of action needed to keep me gripped. My one issue is that the marketing advertised a very different film, the trailers depict a funny, comic, monster romp what you get is a story driven monster tale lacking the comedy promised. I didn’t need the comedy to enjoy this movie but that’s what the film promised in its trailers, the trailer manipulation isn’t the film-maker’s fault but it still let me down.

Out of the 3 releases this week, I recommend Colossal as it actually brings something new to the table, whereas the other 2 are ridden with well-trodden territory.


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