King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Review

The legend of King Arthur is given a modern twist in Guy Ritchie’s latest cinematic offering. An orphan robbed of his birthright must struggle through the gutter growing up in a brothel. Arthur’s simple life is changed forever when Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and must come to terms with his destiny.

Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur is a very original and at times enjoyable movie, filled to the brim with Guy Ritchie-isms (that’s now a thing) that really work well in the narrative. Magic is a huge plot point and for me really ruins the realism within the movie, the film opens with 3 huge elephants charging through a town and ends with a final showdown straight from a video game. These two complete wastes of CGI weren’t called for at all. You can kinda see where Ritchie’s 175 million dollar budget went but there are many pointless moments, the film could’ve been made a lot better on a lot less. I really enjoy Ritchie’s work but this was ridiculous everything was enhanced or shiny or engulfed in flames which ruined the raw nature of his filmmaking and the story. This film at times is the equivalent of burning money, there’s no reason for it. By the looks of what happened, last week in America King Arthur is this summer’s first flop which is disheartening because there are fantastic original ideas in this film, it’s just showered with too much “razzle dazzle.” Take away half the budget and tell Ritchie to make a gritty King Arthur movie I’ll happily pay to see it. As a child, I found the legend of King Arthur fascinating so casting a historical figure so close to my heart was going to be very difficult. Charlie Hunnam was who they ended up with and he did a pretty good job, he wasn’t going to be perfect but he successfully grounded this ridiculous adaptation. Jude Law teams up with Ritchie one more time to play a very generic villain, I expected more from Law.

Overall, the film was just lacking for me, I love a popcorn flick as much as the next guy but when there’s no reasoning behind any of the action and effects it all becomes pointless and my enjoyment plummets.  I do adore Ritchie’s style but it didn’t work in this narrative resulting in a flat piece of cinema and it’s box office performance reflects this. Also, one more thing before I wrap this one up David Beckham can’t act and I really don’t understand why he’s in this film, his cameo sums up the pointlessness of this movie.

If you’ve never seen Ritchie’s early crime thriller, Snatch that’s the mouthwash for you this week. His style blends well with the story and cast as Jason Statham and Brad Pitt head up the cast.


7 thoughts on “King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Review

    1. He doesn’t even try to fit the roll it’s ridiculous. It did have some interesting action but overall dull and a complete waste. What’s your fave film so far this summer.

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      1. Not sure really, don’t quite feel like the summer’s got going yet and I’ve not loved rather a lot of the films I’ve seen lately. I did enjoy Frantz and had fun with Guardians Vol.2. Looking forward to Dunkirk and even…dare I say…Wonder Woman?! You?


      2. Yeah, it’s definitely a slow start Guardians and Alien are definite highlights. I can’t wait for Baby Driver and after Wonder Woman’s early reviews I cannot wait now.


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