Alien: Covenant Review

Finally, we have made it to the latest addition to the Alien franchise, Covenant which tells the story of a colony ship responding to a distress signal from an idyllic planet holding a dark dangerous secret.

If you’ve just joined us I have been reviewing all of the alien films over the last week or so in preparation for this, with most franchises there are ups and downs but boy was this one turbulent week. But we made it folks Alien: Covenant puts Ridley Scott back in the director’s chair creating a poetically slow-building narrative which some people may have an issue with but as a huge fan of the original I thought it suited very well. An argument can be made that Scott has just used the 1979 Alien template again but that’s not a bad thing at all, he’s playing to his strengths. If Scott wants to use the Alien template a million times, I will be there opening day every time.  He is a master of his craft and this movie is a prime example of that. A very surprising cast that Scott really gets the best out of, I wasn’t expecting to come out of Covenant and say “wow, Danny McBride was actually fantastic.” Much like Prometheus Michael Fassbender and the leading lady both stole the show. Katherine Waterston as Daniels genuinely had me crying within the first 10 minutes of the film which I really wasn’t expecting from an Alien film but there we go. Fassbender doubles his credits for this new film playing two artificial crew members, who share some very interesting scenes which I feel any other actor would fail to pull off, Fassbender really nailed his performances.

I would like to say that the acting was the most important part for me, but I’d be lying, come on it’s all about the alien action. The film could have every character played by Nicolas Cage and I’d still enjoy it as long as Ridley did his greatest creation justice. In short, it was awesome, going back to the basics. Ridley did something I never expected him to do, make Alien scary again, there are some genuinely horrifying scenes giving the Alien we know and love a breath of fresh air. From the reviews, I’ve read most people have an issue with the use of the alien as they only appear in the final act of the movie, the reason Ridley has done this is to make a spectacle of the xenomorph. Don’t get me wrong scares are sprinkled throughout the narrative but the final showdown was what I left the screen talking about because seeing the alien once more in all it’s glory is one hell of a spectacle you have to save for the finale. The alien action is mostly CGI which is where I had an issue that I brought up in my Prometheus review, I love the live action alien scenes from the first movie and it was disappointing to not see a little nod to that in Covenant.

Scott has given my excitement for the alien prequels the shot of adrenaline it desperately needed. The sequel to Covenant starts filming next year according to rumors so I don’t have long to wait. The cliffhanger to this movie is a killer even if you kinda see it coming 10 minutes prior when it happens your heart is still in your throat.

My mouthwash film is a very simple one go back and watch Prometheus. Covenant gives you new eyes when watching the film that came before honestly, you won’t regret it.



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