Prometheus Review

The film takes place in the year 2093 where a group of researchers are on the hunt for the origin of human life when they find a mysterious monument on a distant moon that may hold the key.

We’ve finally made it the penultimate alien film in the franchise which begins to answer a question no one has ever really asked, where do xenomorphs come from? When I say answer the question I mean that very loosely because this film asks more than it answers in all honesty. Apart from a very convoluted script the film has pretty much everything going for it. Ridley Scott is back for the type of alien film he’s always wanted to do, a prequel and what a cast Ridley Scott has to play with. Michael Fassbender brings to life android David who beautifully delivers some fantastic lines of dialogue. Noomi Repace holds her own opposite some very well-known and established actors, Repace shows how under-rated she truly is creating a female protagonist other than Ripley I can really get behind in this franchise. These two steal the show accompanied by Guy Pierce, Idris Elba and Charlize Theron.

Prometheus despite being confusing at times is a really beautiful film combining Scott’s beautiful filmmaking with the groundbreaking effects we have come to expect from these big budget blockbusters. I’ve said it before though and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I miss the live action effects. The issue with CGI is though they look fantastic you’re never truly threatened by the creatures, CGI brings a startling level of realism to the action.

In conclusion, this film leaves you asking a lot more questions which at the time is very frustrating but in retrospect is the whole point of the first step in a franchise you’re left wanting more. Also just re-entering this world of extraterrestrial life Ridley Scott knows so well fills my heart with such happiness. I’ve given this film a very high rating overall because I love Scott’s work with this franchise it’s not perfect but the love for it comes through and really resonates with me and the last scene is awesome.


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