Alien: Resurrection Reviews

This doesn’t deserve to be reviewed in all honesty, it’s an abomination. Oh well, here we go…

200 years after Ripley committed the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the Alien’s falling into the hands of the Weyland corporation she is resurrected as a half alien half human hybrid and must continue her battle against the xenomorph scum.

Here we are the dodgy uncle no one likes to talk about of the Alien franchise. Resurrection is a mess without an excuse. Though not great Alien 3 had pretty perfectly ended Ellen Ripley’s journey so why bring her back? A perfectly average film could’ve been made without her. As you may know, I am a huge fan of Ripley but she shouldn’t have been brought back in this way. It was genuinely upsetting seeing one of my favourite film characters ruined by terrible writing and direction. I never thought I’d find myself yelling “she wouldn’t say that” during this movie but alas several moments caused me to get very angry. The film altogether is so wrong, there’s no need for it. I didn’t care about a single character which is something the first 2 and at times the 3rd did very well. I think Winona Ryder’s character Call was meant to be the heart of the movie, I couldn’t give a s**t, pardon my French. It’s so irritating because this movie doesn’t know at all what it wants to achieve. All the characters are generic and the story doesn’t really go anywhere.

In conclusion, if you love Ellen Ripley and the Alien films don’t watch this. Sorry, this is a short review but I don’t want to talk about this movie anymore, it sickens me.



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