Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Everyone’s favourite gang of space rebels are back for an explosive sequel pushing them further than they have ever been before. With Peter’s father, an advanced race and themselves to deal with the Guardians have a lot on their plate but you can be sure that hilarity and a cracking array of music will follow them wherever they go.

Guardians of the Galaxy is easily my favourite Marvel movie it really gives you everything from humour, to beautiful story telling, to great character development to some breathtaking action sequences, what is not to love. When the sequel was announced I couldn’t wait, but when it comes to Marvel and sequels their record isn’t exactly sterling, Iron Man 2, Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Thor: The Dark World are a few examples. Despite this record, I knew my boy James Gunn would do me proud and make a worthy sequel. Guardians 2 was never going to beat the first but Gunn tried his damnedest putting together a phenomenal blockbuster. Just a warning before we get into the meat of the review some portions of it may seem very vague because I’m trying to avoid spoilers.

Gunn has once again managed to give all 5 Guardian’s their own key moments so it never felt like the film was lead by one character which I think is where this film betters Marvel’s own Avengers. The family of Galaxy defenders is really tested in this new film creating stakes and emotions very different to the first film. Gunn has really changed it up to give viewers a fresher look at the Galaxy’s mightiest heroes. Baby Groot is the prime example of this, stealing the show entirely. A few minutes into the film I couldn’t help but feel a childish joy reminiscent of a Christmas Day when I was 5 as Baby Groot’s opening is hilarious. Any film that puts me into tears of laughter literally seconds into the film deserves every penny it will make this summer. Gunn also switches up the cast with Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell both plucking heartstrings for very different reasons in this film. As well as additions to the cast, characters like Nebula and Yondu get much larger parts in this new film which blend really well with the Guardians sharing the limelight instead of stealing it. Rocket along with Drax’s help deliver all the dry humour you could possibly need while Peter and Gamora contribute the more grounded romantic story line any great blockbuster needs.

The story is where I sadly have to get negative as the film opens perfectly delivering a thought-provoking first act causing me to guess where the story will go from here. But the second act doesn’t deliver failing to move Quill’s storyline any further along. While Quill is getting to know his father nothing really happens, they remain in a weird castle for 30 minutes while Rocket, Yondu and Nebula are having to drag the story themselves. Yes, there’s some very funny and memorable moments among this but in my eyes, it really stunts the growth of the narrative. But the third act does make up for the wasted 30 minutes in the middle as the finale is genuinely harrowing. The third act delivers more great music, a great hero vs villain showdown and a very heartfelt goodbye to a very charismatic member of the team. This film though not perfect still has me gripped to the MCU storyline and now has me looking forward to the next piece of the puzzle, Spider-man: Homecoming.

Mouthwash: As always I like the mouthwash to be a film you wouldn’t usually watch but feature an actor or director from the film I’m reviewing today. Columbiana is a very under-rated, gritty, assassin thriller starring Gamora, Zoe Saldana the film is very different to Guardians but still worth a watch.





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