The Belko Experiment Review

Welcome to Belko Industries, Bringing the world together. We are a none profit organization accepting and caring for every one of our employees, from all walks of life. Our state of the art facilities make for a warm and loving environment, you’ll never want to leave. People kill for a job here.

Sorry got a bit carried away with the intro, my latest cinema trip saw me plunged into a high rise style office building containing 80 innocent people forced to kill in a sick battle of survival. What an awesome original idea was my first thought when hearing of this film’s development but I wasn’t really sold, as great ideas like this are often squandered by poor writing, for example, the first Purge. But when I heard the great James Gunn was writing the script for this gory, horror, thriller I instantly marked the release date in my diary. Just in case you didn’t know it’s a great time to be James Gunn with Belko Experiment hitting cinemas 7 days before Gunn’s sequel to the 5th highest grossing Marvel Movie of all time, Guardian’s of the Galaxy he’s had a lot on his plate. Questionable decisions are sometimes made in Gunn’s work but that doesn’t mean they are not worth a watch. Gunn’s script was pretty great, the film featured very interesting character development, well-paced gory action, and relatable humour breaking up the extremely tense scenes. Do you guys feel the but coming? But I feel like Gunn ran out of creative steam towards the end of the film as the finale is sloppy and underwhelming, completely ripping off a small indie horror’s climax. 2015’s The Circle features a near identical finale slightly cheapening the whole experience for me.

Aside from some slight plot infringement there isn’t much more to dislike about this film, yeah the CGI isn’t Avatar standards and yes most of the cast will never win an Oscar but I wasn’t expecting that. As well as a solid, original plot all I wanted was to be entertained for 94 minutes with some horrific violence and a couple of well-thought out characters, ignoring the ending The Belko Experiment delivered just that. Greg McLean knows how to kill off lots of innocent people on screen, McLean best known for the real life inspired horror Wolf Creek directs his best film yet. If you look at McLean’s filmography you realise that’s not a huge feat but still well done Greg. The Belko Experiment had such a great cast that you can’t blame McLean for raising his game. Michael Rooker was very underutilized in this picture, I believe due to scheduling conflicts but still, he puts in a good performance. John C. Mcginley from Office Space and the tv show Scrubs puts in one hell of a showing as the extremely creepy and vile Wendell Dukes. John Gallagher Jr. steals the show though, he caught my attention early last year with the film 10 Cloverfield Lane but what can I say he raised the bar for this film really grounding the insane, over the top scenes that The Belko Experiment has by the bucket load.

In conclusion, the Belko Experiment is an unpredictable crazy box off homicidal frogs but somehow I enjoyed the hell out of this film. I do suggest leaving 5 minutes earlier though as anything you make up in your head is probably better than what they went with.

Mouth Wash- If you love James Gunn’s writing and Michael Rooker then Slither from 2004 is the mouthwash film for you. The film takes you on an interesting journey and you might not like where it ends up put I promise you the ride is all sorts of awesome. Gunn turns the simple alien invasion storyline on its head giving you the perfect balance of comedy and horror.



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