Power Rangers Review

I genuinely might be the only person that was excited going into Power Rangers, I mean come on the trailers failed to convince a lot of people but I had a gut feeling this film was going to be something else. Power Rangers tells the story of 5 rebellious teens who find ancient coins giving them the power to save the universe. How can that sound anymore awesome?

The reason this film is fantastic and worth watching is because it’s not just a throwaway action film like I thought, it’s actually a fantastic character driven piece of cinema that I thoroughly enjoyed. 5 teens each dealing with different, adolescent issues a lot of teenagers have to deal with growing up, like being a young carer, bullying, and moving on from stupid mistakes. Yeah, I know right, this ridiculous 90s tv show has been remade into a thoughtful piece of cinema for the younger generation. The motivation behind each individual ranger is very well defined and sustained throughout the film which is something even Marvel struggle to do with their heroes. Each Ranger was perfectly cast in such a way that you can at least relate to one of them, you don’t get frustrated by incompetence or just pure annoyance like the 90s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. To compliment these Rangers you have a pretty solid villain in Rita Repulsa played by Elizabeth Banks who is kind of terrifying, Banks nailed creating a villain so strong you actually feared for the heroes. My issue in casting lies with Bryan Cranston who I just didn’t buy as Zordon, either his heart wasn’t in it or he just wasn’t right for the role because every time he spoke he dragged me out of the narrative slightly.

So the new Power Rangers has purposeful characters and a terrifying villain but does it still have the goofy action? Yes, it does but the director managed to balance character driven narrative with action to create this perfect blend that gets over the fact 5 teens are fighting a monster made of gold with giant robot dinosaurs. It’s stupidly enjoyable action with meaning which is near impossible to create but alas Power Rangers did it. My favourite part of the film had to be in the third act where they squeezed in 20 seconds of the classic Rangers theme just before the big fight which made me smile like an idiot. Before you start thinking I only enjoyed this because I loved the original, I’ll be honest I didn’t really watch it as a kid, I was a Ninja Turtles guy I’d only seen the 90s film I mentioned before which is a mess, to say the least. Great characters, great action, makes for one of my favourite films so far this year.

Mouthwash- A mouthwash for this film has to carry on the perfect blend of comradery, thought out plot and great action. The only film I could conjure that complements Rangers and one-ups it is Scott Pilgrim Vs The World which is the guy behind the Cornetto Trilogy, Edgar Wright directing a near perfect comic book movie, a postmodern masterpiece.


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