All 15 Disney Princesses Ranked

The definitive list of Disney Princesses in order

  1. Snow White
  2. Cinderella
  3. Aurora
  4. Arial
  5. Belle
  6. Jasmine
  7. Pocahontas
  8. Mulan
  9. Tiana
  10. Rapunzel
  11. Merida
  12. Elsa
  13. Anna
  14. Moana
  15. Princess Leia

Here’s the thinking behind the ranking

Disney’s latest live-action adaptation, Beauty and the Beast hits cinemas Friday and to celebrate I’ve listed all 15 princesses from worst to the best. I have ranked the princesses on 5 things Quality of Side-Kick, Singing/Theme Song, Independence, Talent, and Intelligence. This is of course my opinion if you don’t agree with it, okay I think you’re wrong but it’s your opinion. One controversial decision I did make was including Princess Leia in my list as she’s very clearly a princess and now comes under the umbrella of Disney so I didn’t see any reason she shouldn’t be on the list. Enough of the rules lets get on with my list, enjoy.

15) Aurora
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty kicks off my list as she’s simply dull, granted she sings possibly one of the best Disney songs ever but apart from that all she does is prick her finger on a spinning wheel and wait for a prince to rescue her. The fairies could be seen as fantastic sidekicks I think they’re annoying and pointless. The first 3 princesses all came at a time where Disney didn’t know how to create powerful female role models, you can’t really blame Disney for that because it was a different time but I can put all 3 princesses at the bottom of my list.

14) Cinderella

Speaking of which second to last place goes to Cinderella who doesn’t really have a song but has 2 mediocre sidekicks in the friendly mice giving her the edge on Aurora. The 1950s Cinderella is all round pathetic but through the countless other reincarnations of Cinderella, she’s become more of a princess Disney can be proud of standing up to her horrid family.
13) Snow White

Snow White, unlike the other two princesses, ticks a lot of important boxes the dwarves are hilarious and incredibly memorable side characters. Adriana Caselotti has a phenomenal voice, one that Walt Disney himself picked out to voice his first ever, princess delivering beautiful songs but all that is overshadowed when Snow White’s intelligence is brought under the microscope. Come on, who stumbles across a house in the middle of nowhere and thinks “I’ll just fall asleep here.”


12) Elsa

This is possibly one of my most controversial choices on the list as I seem to be the only person who hates the song, Let It Go. As well as that her motivations aren’t exactly justified, she spends years ignoring her sister and then runs off and builds a castle as soon as she reconnects with her sister. The only reason she’s this high up is because the song Let It Go as irritating as it is, does translate a strong message about being yourself.
11) Anna

Anna is unbelievably naive which is fair enough considering she’s been locked in a castle all her life but it doesn’t exactly come across very well when the princess falls for any guy who’s the slightest bit kind to her. Anna has a couple of fantastic songs and Olaf is a lovely sidekick but I really struggled to overlook her naivety and the fact her relationship with her sister was halted by a door.


10) Merida

Merida’s story is a very independent and relatable one that I loved the moment I heard the plot, but Brave lacks music and sidekicks. The story combined with Merida’s phenomenal talent sadly isn’t enough to drag Merida any higher than number 10 on my list.

9) Jasmine

Number 9 on my list is badass standing up to her father and wanting to find a suitor she honestly loves, I can’t knock that. But Raja kinda sucks as well as the simple fact Jasmine doesn’t have any particular talent apart from her lack of knowledge on the laws of Agrabah and only half a great song. A whole new world really is a fantastic song but it isn’t really her song.

8) Ariel

Another naive princess who puts her voice and eventually her father’s kingdom on the line for a man is Ariel. Apart from that small issue, she’s a very independent princess with two very interesting and enjoyable side-kicks in Sebastian and Flounder. Talent wise all she manages to do is ruin a kingdom and fail to communicate without her voice. I feel like I’m not singing Ariel’s praises and explaining why she’s this high on the list, listen to Part Of Your World then you’ll understand.

7) Rapunzel

At number 7 on my list we have another princess who is sealed off from the outside world but unlike the previous two princesses, she could leave at any time, literally any time. So independence wise not too strong but in every other category she get’s full marks, Rapunzel’s pet lizard Pascal is hilarious and at the end of the day he kills the villain, you can’t get a better side-kick than that. Song wise ‘When will my life begin’ is one of the best Disney songs ever and in terms of talent you don’t get cooler than magic hair.


6) Belle

As we are now getting to the business end of the list you’ll start to see that these princesses only lack one thing and in Belle’s case it’s side-kicks, Lumiere and Cogsworth aren’t her companions they are the beasts. She’s a very strong independent, intellectual, relatable princess who’s been brought up in a small provincial town. Belle as intelligent as she is comes over slightly pretentious looking down on all the people in her town, granted their horrible people but I think a true princess would pity the villagers instead of insulting them. That’s just my opinion and the main reason she’s no higher that number 6.

5) Princess Leia

A princess from a galaxy far far away takes the number 5 spot on my list granted Leia has no particular side-kick and no songs whatsoever but her story is so strong appearing in 5 Star Wars and slowly becoming one of the greatest heroines of all time. Leia has intelligence by the bucket load, her motivations are always entirely justified and in a future world where men really rule the roost, she holds her own becoming an important element in the plan to save the galaxy. Carrie Fisher superbly brought to life a character who will be in our hearts forever and because of that, Leia had to be number 5.


4) Moana

Disney’s latest princess is phenomenal without a doubt, standing up to her father and crossing the ocean to convince a stubborn demi-god to put a stolen gem back, to save her tribe. It’s an original tale with a princess who comes across so many issues and pitfalls but overcomes them all. Moana’s songs are fantastically performed by auli’i cravalho easily putting ‘How far I’ll go’ in the top 10 Disney songs of all time. The only thing that holds Moana back is her ridiculously stupid side-kick Hei Hei who really gets on my bloody nerves. Apart from that Moana is a fantastic role model and number 4 on my list.

3) Tiana

Tiana broke huge ground in the realm of Disney princesses telling the story of a strong-willed working class women taking charge of her destiny at a time in American history where it was nearly impossible to do so. This emotive and phenomenal story is wonderfully complemented by music like ‘Almost There’ and one of the most underrated companions ever, Ray who made me cry, I’m not ashamed to admit it I cried buckets over a firefly. I don’t think I need to say more, in all honesty, Tiana is inspiring and I’m slowly convincing myself she should be higher on this list.

2) Pocahontas

My top 3 princesses all have one thing in common, living in periods of human history where women in some cases are powerless and overcoming this discrimination in spectacular style. Pocahontas is of course one of those princesses almost single-handedly preventing a war, performing a near perfect dive off a cliff with zero splash and giving us two of the best Disney songs ever. Meeko and Flit, without saying a word are two wonderfully memorable sidekicks really tying together a fantastic princess.

The number one Disney Princess

1) Mulan

Ladies and gentleman, we reached my number one spot, the best Disney Princess of all time is Mulan. Mulan saves an entire country from war by dressing up as a man and standing up for what she believed was right. Mushu, the dragon accompanies Mulan on her quest delivering fantastic moments of comedy, breaking up the very powerful story Mulan is the centre of. Mulan’s list of talents don’t even scratch the surface of the incredible female protagonist and princess Mulan is. Without even mentioning ‘Reflection’ Mulan is the best princess but that song really is the cherry on the cake, plucking my heartstrings every time I hear it. Mulan is by far the best princess and the best role model Disney has ever created, I could watch that film on repeat for days and not get bored.

There we go that’s my list hope you enjoyed it please comment if you disagree and I’d be happy to tell you why you are incorrect. Seriously though this is just my opinion and I hope you enjoyed reading it please give it a share and a like if you did.


4 thoughts on “All 15 Disney Princesses Ranked

  1. What a great list! Mulan is selfless, courageous, true to herself and is such a strong woman and great role model. Mulan is an inspiring story and one of the most accomplished Disney heroines. I love Mulan too! 🙂


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