Logan Review

logan-poster-hugh-jackmanThe Oscars are all done and dusted for another year now it’s time to go back to our john-wick-2-ciaran-ometerregular scheduled programming. Hugh Jackman makes his last appearance as Wolverine trying to protect a young mutant created from his DNA in this very R-rated superhero film. It had to be R-rated, come on it’s what Wolverine deserves, a proper gory send-off.

Director- James Mangold

Cast- Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, Richard. E Grant, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook

For a change, I’m going to start my review by telling you about my cinema experience. I managed to get myself tickets to a preview and really enjoyed the atmosphere in the room but leaving the cinema I overheard, what I can only describe as a moron. So this simple looking chap wearing a Deadpool t-shirt walked out of the screening and said, “What was the point of that?” WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT??? Here’s why it matters, Logan has to do logan-hugh-jackman-x-23-wolverinesomething we haven’t seen before in a superhero film, the death of a leading hero, not just any superhero but Wolverine. The reason it matters so much is because it succeeded and now either the MCU or the DCU have to do better than that.

This is the 9th time we see Jackman play Wolverine and admittedly some of those films were rough rides, X-Men Origins: Wolverine for example. But the one thing that saved those films and kept me coming back film after film was Hugh Jackman’s performance as Weapon-X. His performance in Logan is the best yet showing me that there is so much more to come from Jackman. Logan is a damaged, broken man trying to get by and Jackman is magnetic on the screen, engrossing me in this world for the last time. Dafne Keen as X-23 also shines creating a really beautiful father-daughter relationship with Logan that makes the finale even more heart-breaking. Patrick Stewart returns, reprising his character, Charles Xavier. Xavier is on his last legs, combined with a broken Logan a completely different atmosphere is created which really ups the stakes of this film putting you in a very different state of mind than the other superhero films we are accustomed too. This film is for adults and takes you on a harsh, emotional journey that I never wanted to get off of.

logan-hugh-jackmanLogan keeps things simple there’s no flashy CGI bad guy, no complicated plot, and a small cast which is the key to its huge success. The villain is just an evil, driven man played by Richard E. Grant and the plot is simple, keep X-23 out of Mr. Rice’s hands, doesn’t get simpler than that and it gives James Mangold a heck of a lot to play with. The main attraction for this movie is it’s action, no doubt about it. Seeing Wolverine place 3 adamantium claws through an evil henchman’s head is awesome and thoroughly enjoyable. Throughout the film the action sequences are perfectly interweaved into the narrative, avoiding an issue some superhero movies walk head first into, poor pacing.

Logan is supposedly the last time we will see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and it really did have a lot to live up too, I didn’t think it was ever going to be good enough, this hero is monumentally beloved despite some of the sequels and in all honesty, I was disappointed. On one hand, the film is a phenomenal character piece but the finale and the swordfish-mouthwash-hugh-jackman-loganeventual death of Wolverine felt really underwhelming and not deserving of this unforgettable Marvel hero. Though I have issues with the ending I still couldn’t help but shed a tear because Wolverine is much more than just a superhero and this film could’ve been a lot worse so I think after a few more watches my grudges with this film will fade away. Fare-well Wolverine and thank you, Hugh Jackman, for bringing us the Weapon-X we needed.

Mouthwash- The hardest part of this review is the mouthwash as nothing really compliments this film as it’s so original but I managed to think of one film and that is swordfish. A young Hugh Jackman opposite John Travolta and Halle Berry combined with an insane plot revolving around a hacker, you have yourself a good night of movie watching right there.


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