A Few Words On The 89th Annual Academy Awards

oscar-ciaran-reviewsWow, what a show I don’t think anybody saw that coming. Before I start I just want to say I loved the Oscars Sunday it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Despite the cock-up of all cock-ups, I think the show turned out to be a huge success, showing the world that the Oscars have changed entirely from what we saw this time last year.

How was the host?

Altogether I thought Kimmel did a great job, the Oscars became an extended version of his late-night talk show complete with an Oscar edition of mean tweets and repeated mocking of Matt Damon. Kimmel’s show did come across some minor setbacks, though. The show lost all steam the moment a tour bus of people walk through the front row awkwardly smiling and touching celebrities, I’m understating it when I say the entire segment was awkward to oscars-kimmel-mix-up-la-la-land-moonlight-ciaran-reviewswatch. But the show picked up again and Kimmel’s antics truly climaxed when a clip is shown of the host sat in a cinema alone ripping Damon’s film ‘We bought a zoo’ to shreds. Kimmel’s homage to Damon’s film follows many similar clips of celebrities giving heartfelt reviews of some classic films, this is the main reason the joke at Damon’s expense is so funny. Finally, I have to give Kimmel respect for the way he handled the best picture incident, lightheartedly blaming Warren Beatty and confessing that he knew he would mess the show up somehow.

Who gave the best speech?

mahershala-ali-oscars-ciaran-reviewsMy three picks for the best speeches of the night all were complete suprises clearly shocking themselves as well as the audience making for fantastic acceptance speeches. The first award of the night was for Best supporting actor and went to Mahershala Ali, giving Moonlight first blood and leaving Ali in shock, Ali heard his name and the first thing he did was hug Barry Jenkins then he shook Jeff bridges hand after walking past him and frantically turning back. The emotionless face and frantic movements of Ali perfectly show his battle to process this in his head and you can’t blame him, his achievement is huge and thoroughly deserved. The other part of Ali’s speech that made it memorable was the fact that Ali managed to do something most award winners fail to do which is thank their teachers and mentors while slowly welling up and ending the speech by honouring his wife who gave birth to his first child 4 days before Ali made history. Casey Affleck also makes my list of best speeches, his recent controversy aside, Affleck clearly shared the same thought I did, that he had no chance after the recent revelations and Denzel managing to take home the SAG award. But against all odds he won, his face casey-affleck-wins-best-actor-oscar-ciaran-reviewsinstantly lit up with childlike excitement but before he could get to his feet his brother already had his arms around Casey brimming with pride at his little brother’s triumph. Affleck’s speech was simple and nothing too special but the shot of the two Affleck brothers in a warm embrace makes it one of my favourite speeches of Sunday’s Oscars. The best acceptance speech of the night and definitely one to go and find is Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney’s acceptance speech for best-adapted screenplay, the looks on their faces were those of triumph and relief that all their hard work paid off. The two men made a speech like they’d won best picture honestly you’ve never seen two men so overwhelmed pride. These men have been through a lot of ups and downs to get where they are now and have reached the top of the mountain, their speeches are really touching and their awards are well deserved.

What did you think of the show’s climax?

Where do I start with this? I was sat at on my sofa at 5:15 in the morning, just waiting for Beatty to say La La Land hear a stereotypical speech and Kimmel calling it a night. This thought seemed to be coming to fruition as La La Land was announcedmoonlight-best-picture-ciaran-review after Beatty looked very confused realizing he had the wrong envelope but read it anyway. La La Land came up to collect their awards, the Oscars were handed out and the speeches had begun then a big bald-headed guy 2 MINUTES after the wrong name had been announced came over and explained to the “winners” the huge mix-up. In all honesty, accidents happen but the academy took way to long to rectify the mistakes making for a horrifically awkward moment where La La Land’s producer comes onto the mic and like a very good sport reveals Moonlight had won instead. Several people messed up last Sunday night from Beatty to the newly revealed Brian but I really hope this mistake can be overlooked. It would be a real shame if the academy awards 2017 is remembered for this royal cock-up and not for Moonlight’s triumph. 2017s best picture winning film is a small film focused on an African American member of the LGBT community. This is a huge sign that the Oscar committee has changed for good, why aren’t people talking about this?

I predicted 17 out of 24 awards, I did pretty well. In conclusion, we won’t be forgetting the 89th academy awards anytime soon.


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