Oscar Predictions

Hopefully, at this point you guys have all read my Best Picture Breakdown  and have let that sink in, now we can get to my predictions. If you havnt read my Best Picture Breakdown, why the hell not? Tonight is the 89th annual Academy Awards and from the nominees it looks like it’s going to be the La La Land show but we could be in for some suprises, I for one cannot wait. Before we start my picks are who I think will win not who I want to win. Here’s my predictions for Hollywood’s celebration of the year of cinema.

Best supporting actor – Mahurshala Ali

Unlike most of most of my predictions I have picked Ali because he is simply the best in the category and deserves it. His performance is so nuanced and subtle that even though his character is only in the first third of the film your left thinking about Ali for the remainder of the picture.

Best supporting actress- Viola Davis

Very simple reason for choosing Davis she has won both the Golden Globe and the BAFTA, it’s a no brainer. I don’t think she is the best of the nominees it’s very close, I would give it to Michell Williams but I guess my opinion will not be included that’s why I’m very sure the academy will be award Davis this evening.

Best actor- Denzel Washington

Best actor is another award where I think someone else deserves the Oscar as Wahington’s performance is all very one note but Denzel won the SAG award which is a huge indicator of its Oscar chances.

Best actress- Emma Stone

My pick for best actress is Stone because I haven’t given La La Land an award yet and it being a huge behemoth of a best picture film will plenty of awards this evening.

Animated- Zootopia

Weirdly enough out of all of tonight’s awards this is the one I’m most excited for, it’s the most competitive award this year with 3 contenders to take the title. I fought with myself a lot over who to pick, I’m sticking with Zootopia due to it’s message and relevance now more than ever. Though Kubo is a better animated film I’m going to stick to my guns.

Best director- Damien Chazelle

Chazelle gripped me with La La Land more than anything I’ve watched in the last year, from phenomenal dance numbers to beautifully catching the heart of Hollywood, for this I can’t ignore Chazelle and look forward to hearing his acceptance speech.

Best Picture- Moonlight

Moonlight is of course the huge underdog this evening but I love this film and think it deserves this award more than any film this year, it’s subtle yet beautiful and gives a beautiful commentary on our young protagonist. Jenkins has such away of directing unlike anyone else.

Other Awards:

Foreign Language- The Salesman

Makeup- Star Trek beyond

Cinematography- La La Land

Editing- La La Land

Short film- Sing

Mixing – Hacksaw ridge

Visual effects- Jungle book

Score – La la land

Original song- How far I’ll go (Moana)

Sound editing- La la land

Screenplay- Manchester by the sea

Adapted Screenplay – Moonlight

Costume- La la land

Documentary- OJ – Made in America

Short doc- Joe’s Violin

Production – La la land

Animated short- Piper




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