The Founder Review

the-founder-poster-ciaran-reviewMcDonald’s is a cornerstone of today’s society that I’m sure everyone reading this review has come into contact with at some point in their lives and this film is the demoralizing story of how this fast food giant came to be. The film follows Ray Croc, a failing salesman who stumbles across a small family run business called Mcdonald’s and the film tells the tale of how he cheats two hard working Americans out of their dream. Was I loving it? It was alright.the-founder-ciaran-ometer

Director: John Lee Hancock

Cast: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, Linda Cardellini, B.J. Novak and Laura Dern

This film from the outlook seemed very similar to Gold but I couldn’t have been more wrong everyone involved in The Founder seemed to actually be trying for starters. Overall the film is good but sadly it’s just not great that’s the main reason it didn’t sniff the Oscar best picture nominations. Let’s start with the good parts Keaton was great in this movie, slimy, manipulative, overbearing and somehow for the majority of the film had you on his side. the-founder-michael-keaton-ciaran-reviewThe only reason I can see that he didn’t get a nomination is because this year has been phenomenal for acting talent but that doesn’t stop you enjoying his performance in the slightest. Along with Keaton, Offerman, and Lynch really held their own changing my opinion of them entirely. The film has the acting talent but what about Direction? Hancock brings together an intricate and mostly interesting story, the direction is nothing special but gets the job done. My main issue with the film was a good 20 minutes in the middle where hardly anything happened on screen, actors are still delivering and the director is still directing away but the story didn’t really move along. Overall I enjoyed the film and really learned something as well, I don’t know if I enjoy feeling sad and empty every time I walk past the golden arches now but I enjoyed the film so hey ho.

catch-me-if-you-can-ciaran-reviews-mouthwashMouth Wash: To save you from the genuinely upsetting story of the inception of Mcdonald’s I suggest you watch a more light-hearted and enjoyable true story of one man chasing the American dream. I am of course talking about the phenomenal Catch Me If You Can, great story, great performances from Hanks and Dicaprio really picks you back up after realizing your favourite fast food restaurant is built on deception, lies and Keaton’s charming nature.


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