John Wick 2 Review

john-wick-poster-ciaran-reviewsKeanu Reeves is back as the ass-kicking, black-suit-wearing, dog avenging, hit man John Wick killing more people than last time which is a heck of a lot of death. Wick must once again return to the criminal underworld to pay a debt but somehow ends up with a very big price on his head.john-wick-2-ciaran-ometer

Director- Chad Stahelski

Cast- Keanu Reeves, Ruby Rose, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ian McShane

I am a huge action nut as you may know and this is the first slice of r-rated goodness this year I couldn’t wait for. The original John Wick is a solid action movie but I think the reason it made so much money and is critically loved is because it was a huge surprise. Keanu Reeves has had a blotchy filmography over the last 10 years and most people, not me had pretty much written him off then out of nowhere BANG! Keanu is back killing literally everyone he sees and I was 100% on board for the sequel. Did they pull off something which is nearly impossible, a good action film sequel?

keanu-reeves-ciaran-sheaIn short, yeah they did, it really kept the essence of the original as well as giving us something new and fresh. Keanu has a very distinct performance style which once again lends itself perfectly to the damaged and grieving Wick. Ian McShane adds his own flair to the film as Winston the head of an exclusive hotel that specializes in hit men. I’ve no idea why Ruby Rose was in this film though her character doesn’t really contribute anything and her performance is mediocre at best. Rose has appeared in 3 films already this year XXX 3 and Resident Evil, I don’t really get the hype about her, I have nothing against her I just can’t say I enjoyed her performance in any of these films.

keanu-reeves-john-wick-2-ciaran-reviewsStahelski orchestrates some bloody, awesome, gory action sequences which in a world of the same action cliches is a welcome breath of fresh air but sadly the same action sequence of Wick running through a corridor shooting bad guys is repeated 3 or 4 times, it’s awesome, just gets slightly tedious several times in a row. The film really redeems itself though delivering an exceptional finale. Wick trapped in a contemporary art exhibit full of mirrors taking on an army of henchman is awesome on its own not even considering the fast-paced, seamless camera work which turns it from a cool action scene to a beautifully artistic piece of cinema. The action finale combined with a conclusion that perfectly sets up a sequel, makes for a phenomenal 3rd act that makes the repetition completely worth it.

point-break-ciaran-reviewsMouthwash- This isn’t the first time Keanu has trodden new ground in the action genre, 1991’s Point Break is unlike anything else, definitely worth a watch, a goofy teenage Keanu combined with some ridiculous action sequences makes for a great action watch that 100% holds up.



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