Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review

Milla Jovovich Resident Evil The Final Chaptergold-ciaran-ometer-matthew-mcconaugheyIf you’ve lost count like myself this is the 6th instalment of the Resident Evil series and once again Alice is being chased by the infected looking for a cure accompanied by actors you don’t know the names of but know from other things, “oh my god it’s that guy from Game Of Thrones.”

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen,

Low Point: The low point is really the entire plot as it’s just one big retread of the previous 5 films.

High Point: When Alice gets separated from the group in a dark room she is attacked by a bio-weapon, this scene epitomizes what this film should be, fun, gory and game like, no spoilers but that’s the only scene that feels like that.
resident-evil-milla-jovovich-filmStraight from the off I just wanted to let you know that I am a fan of the Resident Evil films they are a huge guilty pleasure for me and my sister. I went into this film slightly apprehensive and excited, thinking that this was going to be the final film I splashed out and saw it in IMAX. IMAX, in all honesty, was kind of awesome and really absorbed me into Alice’s apocalyptic world but the plot got on my nerves for the entirety of the 1 hour 46 minute run time. I mean come on it’s been 5 years since the last installment of Alice’s story and 10 years since the last good installment they had such an opportunity to reinvent the franchise but no they decided to use the same bloody plot, virus, cure, irrelevant side characters, annoying evil child projection, etc.
resident-evil-the-last-chapter-milla-jovovichThe big change they made to the narrative was adding a few more stupid non-zombie related deaths, evil psychotic ventilation shafts, and everyone’s favorite erratic lasers to name a few. The reason this film really irritated me is because it was meant to be a big heroic send off for Jovovich’s character and the trailers led me to believe so, alas it was not meant to be. Milla Jovovich, of course, heads up the cast
twenty_eight_days_later_posterand for the majority of the film she’s at her very best kicking zombie ass but there are a few moments where Jovovich almost seems bored on screen which really pulls me out of the film and makes me think that maybe she’s had enough of this franchise as well. Paul W.S. Anderson has a track record for making average guilty pleasure action films, Three musketeers (2011), Death Race and of course Resident Evil, the latest installment of this franchise is towards the bottom of this list but if you are a big fan of the series you may have a great time, my sister did and she is 3 times the fan I am.

Mouth Wash: If you want a solid zombie flick with the perfect mix of plot and action, always trust the British go with 28 Days Later, it’ll wash off the disappointment that is this film in no time.


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