Gold Review

gold-poster-matthew-mcconaugheygold-ciaran-ometer-matthew-mcconaugheyWell if this isn’t oscar bait I don’t know what is, an American dream true story, an Oscar-winning actor, and a strong supporting cast. A down on his luck prospector, Kenny Wells desperate for a break teams up with a similarly eager geologist and ends up in Indonesia, mining for uncharted gold.

Director: Stephen Gaghan

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Bryce Dallas Howard, Edgar Ramirez, Corey Stoll and Tony Kebbell

High Point: The boardroom scene which is heavily featured in the trailer is easily my high point, McConaughey shines the way we know he can with his snide, slimy over confident yelling that comes with his character which is a pleasure to watch, despite the wooden performance from certain actors around him, we will get into that later.

Low Point: I’m not going to pick a singular moment for my low point instead my low point is one aspect of the film, Stephen Gaghan’s direction is sloppy, possibly due to his lack of experience but I’m afraid there’s no excuse this film had everything going for it.

Remember the film Joy from last year, an insignificant true life story which epitomizes the American dream and is clearly stretched to fill two hours in an attempt to get Jennifer Laurence an Oscar. Gold is exactly the same but for
McConaughey, the story itself is enjoyable it has a few unexpected twists which are refreshing through out it’s 2-hour run time. The story is not long enough to fill 2 hours I was bored throughout the 2nd act and the pacing was way off which did not help in the slightest. Even if a film is boring some great character work can still make the film a fun watch but alas it was not to be, each actor just seemed exhausted and one note,gold-matthew-mcconaughey-bryce-dallas-howard even McConaughey who really should nail this role it’s perfect for him. Two performances are exempt from my previous statement though firstly Bryce Dallas Howard definitely has big things ahead of her the screen lit up whenever she appeared holding her own across from McConaughey is no small feet even when he’s not firing on all cylinders. This thoroughly enjoyable acting style is something I’ve come to expect of Bryce Dallas Howard with films like Jurassic World, Pete’s Dragon and her guest appearance in Black Mirror. The other performance that made the third act enjoyable was Tony Kebbell as a CIA agent chasing down McConaughey’s character, I genuinely can’t describe why I enjoyed it so much but for some reason, his performance stayed with me. Now that I’m thinking about it I might’ve liked Tony Kebbell because he’s British, Vive le Britain. McCmatthew-mcconaughey-fools-goldonaughey sadly only shined in one scene the boardroom scene I mentioned before, unfortunately, that’s about it from him, which is really disappointing come on Matthew raise the bar Free State Of Jones and Gold, both mediocre at best you are better than this.

I’ve decided to introduce a new segment at the end of each of my reviews, a mouthwash film, if the film is great the mouthwash film will be a great add-on for example, The Visit would be a great continuation from Split. If the film was bad the mouthwash film will help you forget about what you just watched.

Mouthwash film- Fool’s Gold, this film is hilariously awful and I can easily imagine it as a prequel to Gold.



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