La La Land Review

Credit to IMDB

Director- Damien Chazelle

Cast- Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend and J.K. Simmons

A Jazz Pianist falls in love with an aspiring actress all to the backdrop of modern day LA.

High Point- What you will learn very quickly is that I’m very much at one with my emotions so the climax of this film really got to me, beautiful music combined with the atmosphere created by Gosling and Stone threw me for a loop entirely as Mia plays through what could’ve been in her head using so many different conventions in the space of such a short time frame truly makes this a postmodern masterpiece.

Low Point- My only low point with this film might not even be due to the film itself but more due to the cinema’s sound system as I could not hear a single word sung in the opening song still beautifully shot but could not decipher a word.

Though Gosling and Stone deliver flawless performances, the real star of this film is Damien Chazelle who creates such an engrossing world. Combining his love for classic musicals with a modern day LA setting creates a film like nothing else, this postmodern musical will one day be considered a classic. Chazelle was the main reason I couldn’t wait to see this film, after Whiplash which was without a doubt my favourite film of 2014 I couldn’t wait to see what he came up with next and somehow he created two breathtaking films about Jazz, JAZZ! Damien Chazelle will without a doubt win an Oscar one day whether or not it’s this year, only time will tell but I would not be surprised in the slightest.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are phenomenal in this film, just ask their golden globes. As I mentioned earlier I’m quite emotional and godammit did these two wonderful actors pull on my heart strings throughout this film. The time, patience and effort put into each of the dance sequences is felt through the screen. Creating such a poetic romance is no small feat and something I’m sure accredited hugely to there Globe wins. The romance is partly brought together by their committed performances but is made engaging by the music, such a beautiful score ties together this love story like no other.

I completely understand why people may have an issue with this picture for starters it’s a musical which splits people straight away but unlike most musicals each dance sequence and each song have a meaningful message behind them moving the story along which is impressive considering the fact that three of the songs on the soundtrack are technically the same. The film itself has a truthful and heartfelt story about following your dreams and the pitfalls of doing so which I’ll be honest really hit home with me. Some people may not see and feel what I did and that’s fair enough but I thoroughly adored this movie, so much so I saw it again 2 days after my initial screening. I really hope that anyone going into this movie stays open minded and takes as much from it as I did.



9 thoughts on “La La Land Review

  1. This is a lovely review, I went to see La La Land last night and I felt exactly the same way, it was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see it again.


    1. Thanks for the comment, it took me two days to edit my review as it was over 1000 words of me singing it’s praises, it’s just breath taking and I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Been saying you should do reviews for a while now! Not yet seen this one but you know more about film than anyone I know so if it gets your thumbs up I may have to check it out – looking forward to more.


  3. I think your passion speaks volumes and this film was ear marked for me as being a biggie. As you pointed out it’s not everyone’s cup of teas due to the musical element in it but I think the cinumematogrophy will win over the hearts of the non excitable. How to excite the unexcitable.
    I think this film will sweep the boards at the Oscars too. It’s different – people love that.
    After reading your comprehensive and complementary review I defy anyone not to go and see it – if only it’s just to say they have!

    A great read.


    1. Thank you for giving it a read, I’m really glad you enjoyed the movie and my review. This movie works on so many levels because if your a movie fan it gives you a buffet of great cinema and if not it gets you excited and involved in cinema which is what we need now more than ever less blockbusters more engrossing innovative cinema. I’d love to see it sweep the board at the Oscars definitely for director but sometimes they change there votes to be different to the golden globes which is a shame. There’s no way gosling will get lead actor though that’s all casey Affleck’s. Thank you for the comment again please keep reading and enjoying my reviews so many more to come.


  4. Im also tempted to see it after your review , but you are correct, the word ‘musical’ makes my ‘nads shrivel and I have to run off to watch an episode of Ice Road Truckers


    1. Thank you so much for the comment. It is much more than a musical though and I really think you are depriving yourself of a fantastic film based on one word.


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