Live By Night Review


Credit to Collider
Live By Night Poster from upcoming film.

Well, this is exciting, this is my first review of hopefully many and I really can’t wait to hear what you guys think. The whole point of these reviews is to take the complication out of movie reviews nowadays, my reviews break it down with strictly no spoilers, and by the end of it, you will know if you want to watch the film or not.

Director- Ben Affleck

Cast- Ben Affleck, Elle Fanning, Zoe Saldana, Brendan Gleeson, Sienna Miller

The film is set in prohibition era America and follows Ben Affleck’s character Joe who robs, cheats and steals his way to riches wanting nothing to do with the gang war going on around him between the Irish led by Albert white and the Italian’s led by Maso Pescatore. The line between corruption and the corrupt is blurred when he falls in love with Albert White’s partner Emma Gould. When eventually caught his life restarts working for the Italian mob and attempts to open a casino in a heavily religious town.

High Point- For me, the high point was easily the car chase that closes the first act, it demonstrates what Ben Affleck does best, pure well-paced action sequences.

Low Point- The real frustrating low point that really pulled me out of the film was every god damn time Sienna Miller opened her mouth producing a horrifically annoying Irish accent.

Live By Night was a film that from the trailers looked like there was no possible way of it going wrong, Prohibition Era gangster flick with Ben Affleck acting and directing the film sounds like a film of the year contender. Affleck’s film is very clearly a passion project of his hitting every trope and cliche there is. The passion gone into it is honestly felt but the plot got convoluted the first half is a solid hour of pure classic gangster movie style action which was sadly ended by a bizarre, boring plot turn involving the KKK. The film’s plot did not improve, but Elle Fanning managed to get her character’s born again, Christian persona over. Elle Fanning really grounds the final third of the film, bringing the enjoyment back into a film I’d lost interest in. The film really failed to meld together but due to some really stunning action scenes at either end of the film Affleck produced a half decent gangster film.




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