IT 2017 Review

It’s been a little while folks but I am back after a genuinely terrifying midnight screening of one of the finest Stephen King adaptations, I just had to review it. The bizarre nightmare filled pop culture icon has been brought back to life for another romp through my nightmares. Pennywise the Clown has returned to […]

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A Couple Of Bad Movies

There’s been a real sprinkling of fantastic films recently, like Wonder Woman and Baby Driver but as always Hollywood makes us pay for these great flicks. With the great comes the genuinely terrible, oh look here’s two of those films now. Prepare for some negativity folks. The Mummy Review- Universal has resurrected the 1999 hit in […]

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Baby Driver Review

After Edgar Wrights run in with Marvel he’s decided to avoid the big studios and go indie creating a modern day heist movie where a getaway driver must complete jobs to get even with his boss while planning to get away from it all with the company of his girlfriend Debora. A heist movie from the […]

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5 Reasons Why Transformers: The Last Knight Could Be The Biggest Film Of The Summer

Our Lord and saviour Michael Bay is kindly bestowing a 5th Transformers movie upon us, The Last Knight. This film like its predecessors looks ridiculous combining time travel with the legendary characters we already know and love, I for one cannot wait. The unexpected box office smashing franchise based on classic children’s toys is on its 5th […]

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Wonder Woman Review

They did it, they really did it. DC knocked this one out of the park saving their extended universe and giving my Summer the boost it desperately needed. A summer of “well that was nice” has been changed completely by a DC Comics movie, I never thought I’d say that in a million years but how […]

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